Rental Areas

Management Team

Site rental management, coordination, contracting, and supervision are brought to you by Lee Nagelhout and Trisha Schorr.

Lee Nagelhout

Lee Nagelhout - Site Manager OCGP

Lee has extensive experience in television and event production covering the past 30 years. This includes the management of multi-functional production and event venues. Lee’s international and domestic travels have led him to collaborate with diverse clients and events. This has prepared him to manage, coordinate, and contract the wide variety of events and film/television productions that look to The Great Park to meet all their venue requirements.

Trisha Schorr

Trisha Schorr - The Orange County Great Park Event Manager

Trisha has 10 years in the film & event industries working as a Production Coordinator, Tech Manager and Associate Producer. She has experience with Sporting & Automotive events, Film and TV shoots, Circus events and Festivals and Fairs. For the last three years she has been an integral part of the Orange County Great Park site rental team.